“Learn from the storms in your life” – January 9, 2017

Due to Typhoon Auring a lot of people were stranded, travel plans were changed, classes were canceled and in flooded areas, they evacuated to a safer place. In times of storms we are always advised to err in the side of safety.

Here are three instances of storms in the Bible that we can learn some lessons.

First, the fierce storm that hit the ship of Jonah teaches us that God has used, is using and will be using “storms” in our life to remind us that what we have done is not according to His will. Jonah eventually realized this and hesitantly volunteered to jump from the ship and sacrificed himself to save others.

Second, the furious storm that came without warning during the boat ride of Jesus with his disciples teaches us that amidst the “storms” in our life, Jesus will be there reassuring us that when we ask for His help He will be there to calm the storm. In the story, Jesus was sleeping while the storm that put them in danger was happening. The disciples, most of them fishermen, did not do anything to steady the boat but they went directly to Jesus and asked for his help. This teaches that we need to come to Jesus first and not try our own solutions that will still be bound to fail.

Third, the “northeaster” storm that battered the ship of Paul on his way to stand trial in Italy (Acts 27:14) teaches us that the “storms” in our life are opportunities to be a witness of Jesus to other people. Paul, although a prisoner, did not cower but stood tall and told them what to do to stay alive and then courageously preached about God’s plan in their lives. This story teaches that in spite of our difficult situations, with faith and hope, we can still tell others that God is good and He will not let us down.

Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on
January 9, 2017

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