“Facing the FUTURE” – March 6, 2017

March is usually the month of graduation in the Philippines. One of the questions that is often repeated to graduates is “What is your plan for the future?” Whether we admit it or not, we have so many apprehensions when we think of the future.

Let me share some principles in facing the FUTURE:

F – Faith in God has no substitute when preparing for the future.

The story of the Israelites in the Old Testament is a story of faith. They traveled out of Egypt with the faith that they will eventually arrive in the Promised Land. When they doubted, their journey got derailed. But when they trusted God again, they moved closer to their destination.

U – Understand that God has a plan.

Remember the word PLAN when you think of God’s plan: P – Purpose of God is the best. L – Love is the basis of this plan. A – Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in fulfilling this plan. N – Never doubt God’s plan for your life.

T – Thank God that you have today to plan for tomorrow.

Appreciate the present. Thank God that you have another chance to live life. Do not waste your chance rather do what you can today.

U – Utilize the lessons of the past so that you can be better prepared for the next challenge.

For athletes there is no substitute for proper preparation and practice. But before that happens, the coach would point out the past games of the team, and that of the opponent. After knowing that, they practice and prepare based on what happened in the past.

R – Release forgiveness so that you will have no excess baggage in your daily travel.

It is difficult and heavy to live life with so many anger, bitterness and hang ups. God has already given us the way to unload our burdens but sometimes we still choose to continue in carrying the baggages of our lives.

Do remember that bitterness has a way of robbing our happiness.

E – Enjoy new experiences. Never say never to new things.

A lot of us are afraid to try new things. But if we never dare try a new food or activity we may never knew what it is like.

This is why Jesus is telling us that our old thinking will not fit with what he has in store for us. New wine need new wineskins. If we choose to put the “new” in the “old,” then the consequence is that it will “burst.”

Let us leave the past and the future to God; live the present with God.

Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on
March 6, 2017

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