“Be a road SIGN towards Jesus” – May 22, 2017

This summer of 2017 our family vacation brought us to some parts of Mindanao. At the start, we traveled from La Carlota City to Cagayan de Oro for 26 hours passing by major areas like Dapitan, Oroqueta, Ozamis, and Iligan. We passed by three regions and finally arrived in our final destination. What helped us along the way are road signs that informed us of the number of kilometers to the next destination, and also pointed us to the right direction. In times when there were no road signs, we either relied on Google Maps, or simply asked people for directions.

As Christians, we need to be road signs for people who are looking for Jesus Christ. What does it mean to be a road SIGN?

S – Show the way towards Jesus.

A road sign needs to be visible in order for it be useful. As Christians, our lives should visibly show that we are transformed people. In doing so, we are showing the way towards Jesus Christ. We become the route in which people may meet Jesus.

I – Inform others about Jesus.

A road sign needs to be informative. It is only as useful as the information that it carries. In the same manner, Christians should be ready to answer questions about Jesus, the Bible and the church.

G – Go, warning and stop signs are commands of Jesus.

The theee colors in traffic light — red, amber (yellow orange) and green — mean stop, warning and go. As Christians we need to stop doing what is evil, warn people about their wickedness and go to the whole world and share the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.

N – Name the signs properly so that it will point clearly to Jesus.

There are instances that road signs are confusing — either the paint has already faded or a heavy storm has bent the sign towards another way. This will surely get you lost. As Christians, we need to examine and reexamine our lives so that we are not sowing confusion nor pointing people to the wrong direction.

Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on
May 22, 2017

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