“The God of surprises” – June 26, 2017

One of the best things that children can do to their parents is to surprise them with a gift or a visit. My family decided to take the last trip of Fastcat (a roro vessel) last Friday and arrived near midnight at La Carlota City, my hometown. Still groggy from being awakened, my mother answered her phone expecting an emergency. Instead, she was surprised to hear my voice telling her to please open the gate. Of course, my parents were overjoyed to see their children but much more, their grandchildren.

We can see in the Bible that our God is a God of surprises.

God surprised Abraham and Sarah with a command to leave their land and venture to the Promised Land. Later, this couple was surprised by God again with the news that they will have a son.

Gideon was in the threshing floor when God through an angel told him that he will be the leader of the Israelites against their oppressors. He was living a life doing his usual routine and then God surprised him.

Mary was a teenager who was preparing for a wedding. God through angel Gabriel told her that she will become the mother of the Messiah. This is the biggest surprise of all time — a virgin will carry a child.

There are a lot of surprises that God did, and He is still doing it. What then should we do? What can we learn from the Biblical characters?

First, do not be afraid to ask God a lot of questions. Jesus has given us this principle: knock and it shall be opened; ask and it shall be answered. Abraham, Sarah, Gideon, Mary asked a lot of questions. They even asked for signs. In their conversation with God, they were convinced and then they made a commitment.

Second, have faith because with God nothing is impossible. Abraham, Sarah, Gideon, Mary faced impossible situations. But God made it all possible. Because of this, we are being assured that God is trustworthy. The Bible is a record that our God is worthy of our trust.

Let us be ready for the surprises of God. God may call us into a task that we do not expect but be rest assured that God has already prepared you for it. Let us trust our God who makes all things possible.

Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on
June 26, 2017

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