“Rooted” – August 14, 2017

This week, CPU is celebrating Christ Emphasis Week (CEW) with the Theme “ROOTED.” The word “root” has many meanings. Let us connect these different meanings to our spiritual life, and what it means to be rooted in Jesus Christ.

First, a root is part of a plant or tree that grows underground and functions as an organ of absorption, aeration, food storage, and a means of anchorage and support.

If we are to be rooted in Jesus Christ, then it means that we need to go deeper in our studies and reflection of the Word of God which is the source of our spiritual food. Our faith can withstand the storms of life when our roots draws water from Jesus, the Living Water. Roots also interconnect with other roots. This means that we also need the church and other Christians as a support system to stabilize us.

Second, root also means an origin or a source.

If we are to be rooted in Jesus Christ, then we need to acknowledge that the the origin of why we have life in the first place is God. And since God is our original source, we must then seek the purpose of our originator. We are designed for a purpose and we can only find meaning in our lives if we live out that purpose. The only way to find purpose and meaning is to accept Jesus Christ in our lives.

Third, another meaning of root is the essential core.

The essential core all the prophets, the writings and law was summed up by Jesus Christ — love God with all your being, and love your neighbor as yourself. This means that if we are rooted in Jesus, people will see, hear and feel the love of God in and through us.

Let it be that our lives should be rooted in Jesus Christ. As the text of the CEW says, “For in him we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28

Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on
August 14, 2017

P. S.
Let us pray for our 7 CEW speakers who are from the American Baptist Churches of the Rocky Mountains headed by their Executive Minister Rev. Dr. Steve Van Ostran.

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