“WHY give thanks?” – November 6, 2017

November is Thanksgiving Month. Some would often ask, Why give thanks? What are the reasons why we give thanks?

Let us go back to the story of Simeon and Anna in Luke chapter 2. These two persons were present when Joseph and Mary brought Jesus to the temple. They can teach us three reasons WHY we need to give thanks.

First, Simeon is teaching us that we give thanks because those who WAIT on the Lord will not be forsaken.

In Luke 2:25 we can see that Simeon was waiting for a long time that the Messiah will come. The Holy Spirit prompted him that Jesus is the Savior that he was waiting for. Simeon even said that he is ready to die because his eyes have seen the Savior.

Second, Anna is teaching us that we give thanks because those who HOLD on to the promises of God will not be dismayed.

Anna was also in Temple. She was a widow and very old. She did not blame God nor become bitter. She overcame it and even became a prophetess. In fact Luke 2:37 tells us that she never left the Temple. She was overjoyed because her prayers were answered. She told everyone that the Savior has finally come. God was faithful to her, and God will continue to be faithful to us.

Third, Simeon and Anna are teaching us that we give thanks because those who YEARN for the presence of God will be fulfilled.

Simeon and Anna sought the presence of God in the Temple. Luke 2:25-27 reveals that the Holy Spirit was moving and convicting people. This means that those who seek the Lord will surely feel the presence of God.

Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on
November 6, 2017

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