The Gospel of Salvation

Dear friends,
In a week’s time we will be celebrating the Holy Week. We will once again be reminded of the ministry, sacrifices, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.
The ministry of Jesus — preaching, teaching and healing — is directly related to His death. One can say that Jesus was actually put to death because of He did and said. If His death is the only event that is needed for our salvation, then the moment that He was born in a Manger, He should have been put to death. But it was not so. Jesus lived for 33 years before He died in the cross. This means that what He did and said are part of the whole Gospel of Salvation.
The death of Jesus actually shows that He was willing to die for His message. This should lead us to read the words of Jesus. We must especially take note to follow the commands of Jesus. Consequently, the resurrection of Jesus tells us that His message is true and powerful. When He conquered death, Jesus is not just wise person or a great Rabbi but the Messiah, our Savior. His resurrection validated everything that He did and said.
 As we spread the Gospel of Salvation, let us be emboldened that what we share is true and powerful.
Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on

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