“Be involved” – Seeds of Faith – September 9, 2019

Dear friends,


One of the subjects in the CPU College of Theology is Contemporary Issues and the Church. This subject teaches us of biblical and theological reasons why the church should get involved in socio-political issues.

Let me share some of the reasons why the church should say something about what is happening around us:

First, God is the Creator of everything. Meaning, our mission is not limited in the four corners of the church and other “churchy” affairs.

Second, God is interested in the affairs of His people. The exodus experience teaches us that God is watching what is happening. Our God is not a distant God. This means that we should also see what is happening around and be interested in what God wants to say about it.

Third, God has appointed Prophets to remind the people what kind of society God wants. Meaning, we have a prophetic ministry. We are modern-day prophets and prophetess. Throughout the Bible, prophets do not concern themselves in predicting the future but on preaching on an impending disaster if the people will not repent and turn from their wicked ways.

Fourth, God has given His people the responsibility to be the stewards of His creation. Meaning, we have the mission of restoring the integrity of God’s creation. We must re-read Genesis 1 and know the command that God wants us to fulfill.

Fifth, God became flesh in the person of Jesus Christ to teach us how we ought to live. Matthew 5-7, for example, is full of imperative commands that we should do.

Sixth, God’s message through the Epistles teaches us that as Christians we must overcome evil with good. Our lives should produce the fruit of the Spirit. Our faith in Jesus should produce good works.

Seventh, God has given us a vision of what kind of world He wants us to live in. A world with no violence (Micah 4); a world where we co-exist peacefully with others (Isaiah 11); a world where righteousness and justice are evident (Amos 5). This could be realities in our communities when we daily live out our faith.

I hope that these biblical reasons should give us the courage to speak on what is happening around us, and do something about it.

May God bless us all!



Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on


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