“Centralite” – Seeds of Faith – February 10, 2020

As Centralians conclude the CPU Grand Alumni Homecoming from February 4-9, 2020, let me share with you the reflection that I delivered during the Fellowship Brunch of Alumni Chapter Presidents on February 5, 2020.

Have you ever made a deep reflection of our CPU seal? It was designed by Rev. Dr. Francis Rose in 1923 when Jaro Industrial School became Central Philippine School. A year later the name was changed again to Central Philippine College. It was in 1953 when the college became Central Philippine University.

Since Dr. Rose was a missionary and a pastor, he embedded his message in the seal so that it will be seen as long as there is CPU.

I would like you to focus on the light that emanates from CPU. Before we were called as Centralians, our first name was actually Centralite.

The challenge for us can be found in Matthew 5:16, let your light shine before all people, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

If we are the light that comes from Central, then what should we bring?

First, we should bring Scientia.

Scientia is most often translated as knowledge. But as I researched Rose, what he really meant was Science. Knowledge is just amassing facts and figures while science is about the pursuit of new things, the discovery, and the invention of things that can help in the betterment of mankind.

Centralians should not just be receptors of information but givers of new information. We are trailblazers in the field of research, technology and many more.

Second, we should bring Fides.

Fides is faith. It is not just faith in anyone but faith in Jesus Christ. We should bring Jesus wherever we may go. Let us remember that the missionaries came here in 1900. They left their homes to bring the Gospel. We are the products of a mission school. Thus, we have to be part of doing missions.

The “rays” coming from Jaro, Iloilo City, Panay Island are numbered 12. Why do you think is this so? Since Rose was a pastor, the reason could have been theological in nature. As of this time, there are no extant sources that explain this. But in all probability what these 12 rays signify are the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ, and as such CPU must continue to be a disciple of Jesus doing the mission of proclaiming the Gospel in every opportunity.

Third, we should live out our vision of EXCEL Exemplary Christian Education for Life.

The keyword here is Exemplary. We can teach any subject or even offer Christian Education but it is not the same if we are not examples. We must be exemplary Christians worthy to be emulated. And this should be for life.

Farewell, dear Centralians as you travel back to your own respective homes. May your journey back to Central not just bring back good memories but have challenged each one of us to continue the legacy of our Alma Mater.

May God continue to bless all of us!

Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on


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