“Make use of your time for God’s glory” – Seeds of Faith – September 13, 2021

The 14-day quarantine is now part of our lives. Some even have a 21-day quarantine because of newer Covid-19 variants. Being isolated is a struggle that all of us are facing. We want to be with our loved ones but because of the virus, we have to wait for the right time.
Paul, in the Bible, was somebody who spent a lot of time in prison. Some with fellow workers but most of the time, he was alone.
Technically speaking, Paul was imprisoned for about 5 years during his entire ministry. He spent more than 2 years in the prison cell, and also more than 2 years of house arrest. So, Paul was somebody who was an expert in being imprisoned, alone, and face a lot of trials.
What can we learn from Paul?
First, make your situation as an avenue to share God’s word.
Paul did not wallow in despair when he was imprisoned. The book of Acts tells us that he would sing songs, pray and share God’s word to whoever would listen. Because of this, a jail guard and his family accepted Jesus in their lives.
Paul also made use of his time while being incarcerated. According to Bible scholars, 7 of Paul’s letters were written while he was imprisoned. We could not have read these letters if Paul just waited to get out and do his ministry. We could have read a little about the life of Paul if he did not write letters.
So, let us be productive while being quarantined or in isolation. Use your situation to tell about God’s goodness, and testify how God is to be glorified even in the midst of the pandemic.
Second, spend more time in reflecting and praying.
In normal days, we would be busy doing a lot of things. If you are in quarantine, then suddenly you have lots of time in your hands. You may spend it in social media or watching movies, but please spare some time in reading God’s Word, doing reflection, and praying.
We need to realize that nobody can run away from prayers. We may not see each other face to face but our prayers can reach one another. It is a good feeling to know that somebody is praying for you.
Paul, in his letters, would tell the churches that he was praying for them. So, when you read in a post that someone is sick, pray for that person. When you see that somebody has died, then pray for their family. Pray also that somebody will turn his or her life to Jesus. Pray for your enemies. Pray for your family and friends.
We should remember that God hears our prayers, and will answer it all according to His will.
So, let us make use of our time in sharing God’s Word, in reflection and in prayer.
Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on
September 12, 2021
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