“Learn, unlearn and be always curious” – July 17, 2017

The TV series “Genius” produced by the National Geographic is about the life of Albert Einstein. What struck me in his life story was on how the educational system “imprisoned” Einstein. He rebelled against the system of memorization and instead advocated for an educational environment in which the cultivation of imagination is given priority. Einstein was not acknowledged by the “geniuses” during his time because his theories challenged the long standing theories. He also put forward original ideas that were dismissed by people as crazy and cannot be done because it was not thought of before. He struggled to be recognized until his hardwork and commitment paid off. The rest is history.

Long before Einstein was born, Jesus was already challenging the traditions in the Old Testament. In many instances, Jesus said, “It has been said before… but now I tell you.” He also challenged the status quo and the religious and political leadership. He preached about the Kingdom of God or the Reign of God as a way of telling the people that God should be obeyed and worshipped above any leader or government. He was finally accused of blasphemy and was put to death by the Romans because of rebellion.

As Christians, we need to consider the following lessons:

First, we need to challenge traditions not for the sake of challenging it but because there could be something better.

Second, our homes, churches, schools and government must be venues that cultivate new ideas, breed imaginations and nurture dreams. We need to protest against any system that curtails ideas and visions.

Third, we should be humble enough to open ourselves to new learnings, and unlearn obsolete perspectives, painfully as that may be.

May we continue to learn, unlearn, and to be always curious.

Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on
July 17, 2017

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