“When God is re-routing you” – December 18, 2017

Earlier today we traveled to Roxas City, Capiz to be part of the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches H.E.R. (Hopevale. Education. Reformation) program hosted by the Filamer Christian University and Capiz Emmanuel Hospital. Due to reports of heavy traffic in the Iloilo to Capiz route via Pototan/Passi City, we decided to passed by another route — the old route to Capiz (via Calinog/Dumalag). Just this weekend, Typhoon Urduja did not let us travel to Bacolod for our weekend ministry.

In the Bible, the Wise Men went to Bethlehem through a route guided by the star. But later, through a warning, they returned to their country via another route. (Matthew 2:12).

How do we know that God is re-routing us? What does it mean when God wants you to be re-routed?

First, You will only know that you are being re-routed when you listen to the promptings of God.

God can use anything around us to communicate to us. In the Bible, God used dreams, visions, signs, wonders, disasters, nature and also through a still small voice. For me, it’s usually a remark by somebody, a phrase in the book, a delay, a dialogue in a movie or TV series. This means that it can be anything. We just have to be conscious in listening to God.

Second, When you are re-routed by God, it means that God has better plan than that of yours.

God loves us and because of this, we have to really believe that God has a plan and purpose for our lives. Sometimes, God works in and through our plans, but oftentimes God will do something to stop us on our tracks. This intersection then is the moment of decision — follow your own will or follow God’s will. It is very easy to say that we will follow the will of God. The doing part is the most difficult. It is a struggle and will always continue to be a struggle. The stories in the Bible remind us that when you follow your own will it will lead to disaster, and when you follow God’s will it will lead to success.

Like the Wise Men in the first Christmas story, are you ready to be re-routed by God?

Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on
December 18, 2017

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