“The love of God”

Have you ever wondered why God created man and woman on the sixth day? According to Genesis, God created the world and everything in it in 6 days. Before God rested on the seventh day, God created man and woman on the last part of the sixth day.

If you study the creation account again in Genesis 1, then you will see that God prepared the world so that it will become habitable for mankind. There is light so that every living thing will have energy and life. There was daytime and nighttime for us to work and to rest. There was the land that produced vegetation for our food. There was also water to sustain all living things. There were winged creatures and also different kind of animals. When all of these were created, God made man and woman in His own image. If we were created on the first, second, third, fourth, fifth day or even on the first part of the sixth, then we will not probably survive.

In other words, God created a complete ecosystem in which there is a symbiotic relationship — we need one another and our survival depend on each other. If you look at it closely, humanity will not survive without the creation of God from the 1st to 6th day. On the other hand, those creation can survive without humans.

If we just look around us and be conscious of it, then we will surely realize that God loves us so much. God is showing His great love by taking care of us. God has provided us everything that we need to live.

Here is a question for us to ponder: are we taking care of the ecosystem that God has provided for us? Jesus is teaching us to love our neighbors. Let us expand our understanding of neighbors to include the water, trees, animals, fish, birds, sky, plants and all the creation of God. Let us love these neighbors as we love ourselves.

Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on
February 19, 2018

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