“Lessons from COVID-19” – Seeds of Faith – March 16, 2020

Much has been said about the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 which is spreading all over the world. This pandemic has become a threat to our way of life in just a matter of 3 months. If the spread will continue, it will have a debilitating impact on our economy, general well-being, and spirituality.

What lessons can we learn from this viral virus?

First, planet Earth is our only home. The first verse in the Bible confirms it. No matter how we try to find lifeforms in other planets, this world is the only place where we can survive. God has wonderfully prepared this planet for us. We have to realize that God designed the day by day creation as a way to give us a habitable place. We need to acknowledge this and thank God for His creation.

Second, God has given us the responsibility to take care of the Earth. Genesis 2:15 tells us that God gave us a command to “work it and take care of it.” It took the COVID-19 to make us remember that we are all brothers and sisters, and we should do something about it.

Third, we are always tempted by the devil. The temptation of Satan to us will only end when he will be detained someday. In the meantime, Satan is doing his best to tempt us not to follow God’s commands. Adam and Eve succumbed to temptation and instead of confessing their sins, they ran away and hid. God eventually found them.

Any virus that is running around is a result of our carelessness. We have to collectively ask for God’s forgiveness and seek God’s guidance. Let us go back to the first three chapters in the Bible for we will clearly see God’s design and purpose.

Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on