“You Only Live Once” – Seeds of Faith – October 19, 2020

#YOLO is a popular hashtag in the Internet. The meaning of this hashtag is “You Only Live Once.” You can usually see this hashtag on those who tried something new, and out of their comfort zone. The hashtag is of course self-explanatory. Each one us has one life to live. Some would try something adventurous, exotic and even dangerous. Some would try everything, be it illegal or immoral, because #YOLO.

What about Christians? Paul teaches us a life principle in Philippians 1:21. It says, “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” This is indeed a principle or an outlook that we should live out every day. Imagine that Paul penned these words while being imprisoned. He wrote the letter to the Christians in Philippi who were living in a situation in which only a handful people are Christians. The Philippian Christians were actually the first Christians in Europe. They heeded the words of Paul, and Philippi became the gateway of Christianity to Europe.

What can learn from this verse?

First, if we only live once, let it be that we live each day in the service of God. See every event as an opportunity to serve God. Have the outlook that you are working ultimately for the Lord, and not just your organization or company. When you change your outlook, it will change the way you work every day.

Second, if we only live once, let it be that we will live out the commands of Jesus Christ. Let us remember that a Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ. What is it that we follow? We follow what Jesus taught us to do. So, let us open the Bible and put into practice what are written there.

Third, if we live for Christ every day, then we are ready to die. #YOLO has been a mantra for some. They will do something because they do not want any regrets before they die. If there is one thing that you will never regret, it is accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Let us make Philippians 1:21 our prayer every day.

May each one of us make a commitment to live for Christ! We only live once. Let us not waste our lives.


Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on
Director, Office of Communications
Central Philippine University