“Learn and live out” – Seeds of Faith – August 23, 2021

Today, August 23,2021, is the official start of classes at Central Philippine University. The students were oriented by the Vision, Mission and Core Values of the university which are all anchored in the Christian faith.

As we start another school year, what are the things that the Bible reminds us?

First, let us not stop teaching the lessons in the Bible.

Jesus was called a Rabbi, a teacher. He did limit His teaching ministry in the classroom which was the synagogue during that time. He taught beside the sea, in the middle of the lake, in the mountains, in the streets, in homes, in the Temple courts, in the field and many more. This means that we have to teach the next generation the Christian values wherever they are situated.

Jesus also taught using different means. He mainly used Parables to convey the meaning of the Kingdom of God. He also used similes, hyperbole, illustrations, comparisons, logic, and many more. This means that we have to find a way to reach out to the next generation.

The lessons in the Bible need to be taught anytime and anywhere.

Second, let us live out the lessons that we have learned from the Bible.

The Shema, the most important statement of faith for the Israelites found in Deuteronomy 6:4-5, tells us that we must teach our children that there is only one God, and that we must love Him with all our being.

The command that Moses gave is for us to teach the Shema while walking, sitting, before going to bed and when waking up. We also have to put Bible verses in the our homes to visually remind us of God’s teachings.

All of these reminders are there in order for us to be reminded that we should live out the teachings of God found in the Bible.

As we start another school year, let us once again commit to continue on learning lessons from the Bible, and live it out in our lives.

May God bless us all!


Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on
Director, Office of Communications
Central Philippine University