“Pilgrimage to Israel” – Seeds of Faith – September 25, 2023

On September 24, 2023, the 3rd batch of the Seeds of Faith Israel Tour finished its pilgrimage tour. We have visited many sites that enriched our faith in Jesus Christ.
Here are three things to remember:
First, a visit to Israel can strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ.
Israel is a land where the pages of the Bible come to life. Walking in the same land where our forefathers and foremothers in faith will surely give you a spiritual experience and a profound understanding of the stories in the Bible. In the Holy Land, your faith can be renewed and rejuvenated.
As we consider the role of Israel in our faith journey, let us reflect upon the words of Psalm 84:5-7: “Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage. As they pass through the Valley of Baka, they make it a place of springs; the autumn rains also cover it with pools. They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion.”
Second, the restoration of Israel is a fulfillment of prophecy.
The reestablishment of the nation of Israel in 1948 aligns with the promises embedded in the Scriptures, particularly those found in Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and Isaiah.
Witnessing the return of the Jewish people to their ancestral homeland serves as a powerful testament to God’s faithfulness in keeping His word. It underscores that God’s divine plan transcends time, and His covenant with His people endures through the ages. Let us remember Isaiah 43:5-6: “Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. I will say to the north, ‘Give them up!’ and to the south, ‘Do not hold them back.’ Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth.”
Third, archaeological discoveries can affirm Biblical truths.
The Bible does not actually need archaeology to confirm that what is written in its pages are true. But archaeology can provide tangible evidence that affirms the truths found in the Bible.
Israel is a treasure trove of archaeological wonders that bear witness to the historical accuracy of the sacred texts. These discoveries bridge the gap between ancient narratives and our contemporary understanding. It provides us a perspective on how to read the Bible in its own context and time.
From the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran to the unearthing of ancient cities like Jerusalem and palaces like Masada, the archaeological findings serve as tangible links between the Bible and reality. They affirm that the Bible is not a mere compilation of stories but a repository of genuine historical events and figures.
Let us reflect on 2 Timothy 3:16-17: “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”
A pilgrimage to Israel is a spiritual journey where your faith can be invigorated. You can for yourself how prophecy is fulfilled, and the authenticity of the Bible is proven true. Pray that you too can have this sacred journey to the land of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.
May God bless us all!
Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on
Director, Office of Communications